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Platzhalter Condoms

Condoms are great. These little rubber things have a lot going for them. Above all, they protect you from undesirable side-effects during sex. And especially from the really dangerous pathogens. They're also simple to use just read the instructions. You can put the condom on yourself. You can have it put on for you. Some women are very practised at it and can even do it with their mouth. When you have sex using a condom, you can feel quite safe.

Does your dick not stay stiff enough? Does all excitement wilt as soon as you think about condoms? You're not alone. It happens to many other men, too. But that can change with a bit of practice. It's just a matter of getting used to it. So just practise, practise, practise. On your own, in the privacy of your own home. Or with a friendly helping hand, which turns practising into a lot of fun!

Still no luck, despite all the practising? Maybe you need a special size condom. Or maybe a visit to the doctor will do the trick. It could be that your foreskin, the skin covering the end of your dick, doesn't pull back far enough. Another thing: if you happen to be allergic to latex (which is what most condoms are made of), there are condoms available made of different material (polyurethane).

If you still can't manage with a condom, despite trying everything, ask the woman if she can use a Femidom. That's a condom for women, which also provides good protection for men. 

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