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Platzhalter Welcome to SexSafe

Sex can be something wonderful – as long as all involved enjoy themselves! And there are no unwanted after-effects.

You no doubt want to carry on enjoying sex. That's why these pages offer you some tips and information to ensure long-term pleasure with no worries.

The navigation bar gives you a quick overview of the risks associated with various sexual activities. You just need to click on anything you've come into contact with – and you can see if you've been exposed to the risk of venereal disease. And of course how you can protect yourself.

Because only if you know how to guard against unwanted side-effects – like the clap, syphilis, AIDS and so on – can you continue to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer.


These pages are not about the words you use to describe sex. They're about sex. So it doesn't matter if you talk about your penis, your dick, cock … or whatever. And it doesn't matter if you say vaginal fluid or cunt juice, sperm or cum, urine or piss, faeces or shit – we all know what we mean. We've stuck to commonly used words to give you the information and tips as straight as possible.  

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