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Maybe you've come to these pages because you think you might already have been infected with a venereal disease. Maybe something feels sore, has a strong smell or looks different than normal? We can only give you one sensible piece of advice:

If you itch, smart, drip or burn – don't delay,
Go and see the doctor right away...

Of course it would be nice if we could tell you here and now whether you've any cause to worry. Well, one thing we can say at least: nearly all venereal diseases can be treated these days, and most can be cured if you go to the doctor early enough. Even the HIV infection, which isn't curable, can today be treated to some extent.

But there's no way of avoiding a visit to the doctor. Because it's only once you've been examined that you find out if you really have caught something – and what exactly it is. And only a doctor can give you the right treatment. Embarrassing? You don't know any doctor in your area? Then just ask at an advice center. In many of them English is spoken. The health experts and the AIDS counselling groups know the problem and can help you.

Don't wait too long! The sooner you get a check-up, the sooner you can start enjoying yourself again. Because if you really have caught something, you can also pass it on to others. And if you ignore it, it won't simply go away.

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