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Platzhalter AIDS/HIV

AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The HI virus is found above all in blood, in sperm and in vaginal fluid. (It's also found in other body fluids but usually in lower numbers.)

So the easiest way to pick up HIV is through fucking without a condom. Or by letting someone else's blood (even traces) find its way into your body.

There can be many years between contracting HIV and the appearance of the AIDS disease, and there'll be no sign that you've caught the virus. But even in this period the virus is still contagious.

AIDS is a disease in which your body is no longer able to react to other disease-causing agents, as a healthy body does. The HI virus weakens the immune system – your body's defence system - to the point where you become very sick and finally die. So far there's no cure for AIDS. Special medicines can delay the appearance of the disease for years, but they often have serious side-effects.

You can avoid catching HIV by always using a condom when fucking. And by making sure that no blood – not even the smallest trace! – and no vaginal fluid gets into your body...

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