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Platzhalter Clap

Like syphilis, the clap is a venereal disease that's been around for a long, long time. It's also called gonorrhoea and is caused by bacteria. They're called gonococci (or Neisseria gonorrhoeae).

Gonococci bacteria like things warm and moist. That's why they multiply in mucous membranes – in the vagina (more precisely, in the mouth of the uterus), in the urethra, in the bowel and in the throat. So you can pick up gonococci through fucking (including arse fucking!) and from a blowjob.

With the clap you usually have an inflammation of the urethra.Which means it burns like hell when you pee and a festering discharge comes out of your dick. If the infection is in the bowel, it'll be pretty painful up there and you might have festering diarrhoea.

To get rid of the clap, you have to have the right antibiotic prescribed by the doctor (because there are now lots of resistant forms of gonococci, against which some antibiotics don't work). If you don't get the clap treated, you'll have fierce, very painful inflammations and you can end up sterile. And of course you can also infect others.

You can protect yourself with a condom. The female condom also provides good protection.  

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