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Platzhalter Hepatitis

Hepatitis (or liver inflammation) is caused by viruses, some of which are highly contagious. Three types of hepatitis virus are transmitted by sex: mostly the hepatitis B virus (HBV), but also the hepatitis A virus (HAV) and the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

You can catch hepatitis A particularly when you play with your partner's backside and so get shit in your mouth. The type A virus is discharged through the bowel and arse.

The hepatitis B virus can be found in all body fluids, especially in blood, in sperm, in vaginal fluid, and in saliva. You can catch it through fucking, blowjobs and many other types of sex games.

Hepatitis C viruses are mainly found in blood. So you can become infected if you let someone else's blood get into your body – even small traces.

All three types can cause jaundice. More often, though, you get flu-type symptoms: you feel ill, have no appetite, maybe have a slight fever or nausea. If you give your body some rest and don't drink any alcohol, liver inflammation can cure itself even without medication. But it can also become chronic, especially hepatitis B and C. And this can cause lethal liver cancer and cirrhosis.

You can get yourself immunised against hepatitis A and B. And that's something we highly recommend, especially if you have sex with a lot of women (or men). Against hepatitis C you can protect yourself by using condoms and by being careful when there's blood about. 

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